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3 ukulele meshes. This is basically my living room. 
The ukulele from the World Music set at Around the Sims is nice, but I always wanted more recolors. The catalog descriptions explicitly allowed recolors, but only the one propped against the wall was recolor-enabled. So I fixed that and slaved them, because nobody needs 42 separate pixel ukuleles (and that's coming from somebody for whom Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome is an all-too-real thing.) The recolor-enabling took me so long to do right that I missed the end of April's GoS theme.

The soundhole decorations on the wooden ukuleles are either mother of pearl, green abalone, tortoiseshell or something vaguely like rope binding (as an homage to my own favorite Mainland soprano ). A swatch:

ukulele swatch

DOWNLOAD natural wood ukuleles+meshes
DOWNLOAD painted ukuleles+meshes

(Don't want the recolors, but like the slaved/recolorable meshes? Get just the meshes here.)

Many thanks to Sandy at ATS for kindly allowing me to distribute my alterations of her meshes. If you already have hers, you should replace them with these. These use her filenames plus "_MASTER" or "_SLAVE," so the originals shouldn't be too hard to find. Any existing recolors of the previously recolorable "againstwall" mesh should still work. As with virtually everything, my policy is "distribute at will," but please respect Sandy's terms and credit her.

Credit also goes to Goat for the wood textures (I think the wooden uke bodies are Sergeant and the fretboards are Biloxi). HugeLunatic's "Making Objects Recolorable" tutorial was helpful in diagnosing and fixing the recoloring problem. JWood's 2005 tutorial on the repository technique proved easier for me to follow than any other on the subject. 

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I haven't posted in a while, obviously. Still, I've been doing stuff. In February I was paired with Imalia for GOS's "Blind Date" event and made her some stuff. (In turn, she made me some lovely goodies.)

Then I did some menswear for the March theme.
Fact: I made this the night Jarome Iginla got traded and each guy in the tester family received one of his middle names.

April's theme was 1920s, which is great for me. I finished a bunch of new dresses I had already been working on and dug up an Egyptian photo booth recolor. I have more to post for that, but not all of it's ready: it requires enabling recolors (and maybe slaving) some objects, and adding some bump maps that's done!, and cleaning up some things that were OK for my own use but just too sloppy to share. If they're not ready before the end of the month, I'll put them here. Then I need to sort out the default replacements I've made. And there are a lot of those, more than 30. Some are new meshes. 

So. That takes care of that. I want to put more stuff here but never seem to find time. Feel free to nag me about it. :) Even excepting the CC sitting around I have a bunch of photos of my faithful old '20s neighborhood I want to post. Here's a tease for that:

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For some dumb reason after installing FT, I decided I just had to default replace the hobby magazines with a mix of 1920s magazine images and in-game photos. A lot of the science-related stuff I had seemed more Tinkering than Science, so there was a blank interior page. Then I remembered I had a whole building full of science-related stuff in my main university, so I went in and took some photos to fill up the page. (Tangent: why is there such a lame selection of science stuff in the game?  "You like science? You're going to love looking through the telescope! Oh. You already have? Ah. Um... go stare at that ant farm, I guess." A TS1-style chemistry set would've been great.)

Community lots are hard for me, probably because I try to keep everything on the small side. The Hayes Science Building is a point of pride, though. It features a fancy marbled lobby and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, the latter an homage to the science building at my alma mater. The zoology room and aquatic biology alcove in particular are influenced by my college days. 

I can't identify much of the CC off the top of my head, but MissTiikeri's recolors of the BV poster from the 2011 GOS Advent are all over the place. I'd use them all if I could. I'll get back in the game later to come up with some more credits.
the marbled lobby
chemistry lab

The chem lab is all dull reds. That might be a reflection of my feeling toward chemistry as a student. That's a washing machine soap dispenser on the wall, but we're pretending it's something science-y. 

This is awfully dark for a botany classroom. 

Even the lab side is dark.  (And I'm just noticing the huge power supplies for the hydroponic gardens over there. Ha! A subtle nod to realism.)

My favorite
feels like the rooms where I had most of my smaller lecture courses. If I could add a retriever-sized alligator like we had in my evo classroom, I would've. Each wall here has a different theme (mostly just so I could use a bunch of those damnable posters). We can see the amphibian and fish walls, but the others are devoted to mollusks and cnidarians.
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I participated in Garden of Shadows' Secret Santa this year. You likely got here from there, so that's probably not news, but I wanted to share the gifts I gave and received. Teasers are posted below, but go to the thread to admire them and download.

For AdmiralAeris, I made tops for AF and TF, a counter recolor set, and a house.
[See them at the GoS sharing thread]

Queen of France, my generous Secret Santa, presented me with 7 scandal-ridden sims belonging to the Desiderata Productions company, Polish paintings, some sweaters, and two new dress(/coat) meshes.

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Old Hat: lorna cloches
I made these ages ago and shared pics on my Tumblr and GOS but never did anything with them messed up all the binning and corrupted  some files and ignoring them was easier than dealing with it.  Then yesterday the very cool, worthwhile TS2 History tumblr picked up on them, so I fixed them up. 

There are a few changes from the originals I posted: the blue hat now has a black flower instead of a red one, and the brown and green hat now has the red flower instead of the yellow one. They're all binned and available for child through elder, but the greys aren't consistently attached to any particular color. The hair texture is derived from lidiqnata's original (and you'll need the mesh from there if you don't already have it). 
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"Jazz Standards" was my submission for GOS's November 2012 theme (seasons). Click on the picture to grab it over there.


Nov. 17th, 2012 12:55 am
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I make stuff for The Sims 2 but I'm horrible about sharing my creations. This is my attempt to rectify that.

My game is centered around Arbordale, originally a late Victorian neighborhood that I started when I got the game in 2004. In the intervening years, between 5 computers and after one tragic but educational BFBVFS, Arbordale has lurched forward in time to the end of 1926. In just the last few months, I finally got a computer with a supported graphics card and went wild getting my simming shit together. After running TS2+UNI+NL for the better part of a decade, I upgraded to OFB+Pets and just recently installed Seasons and BV.

And I love simming again.

It's pretty nice, actually.


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