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3 ukulele meshes. This is basically my living room. 
The ukulele from the World Music set at Around the Sims is nice, but I always wanted more recolors. The catalog descriptions explicitly allowed recolors, but only the one propped against the wall was recolor-enabled. So I fixed that and slaved them, because nobody needs 42 separate pixel ukuleles (and that's coming from somebody for whom Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome is an all-too-real thing.) The recolor-enabling took me so long to do right that I missed the end of April's GoS theme.

The soundhole decorations on the wooden ukuleles are either mother of pearl, green abalone, tortoiseshell or something vaguely like rope binding (as an homage to my own favorite Mainland soprano ). A swatch:

ukulele swatch

DOWNLOAD natural wood ukuleles+meshes
DOWNLOAD painted ukuleles+meshes

(Don't want the recolors, but like the slaved/recolorable meshes? Get just the meshes here.)

Many thanks to Sandy at ATS for kindly allowing me to distribute my alterations of her meshes. If you already have hers, you should replace them with these. These use her filenames plus "_MASTER" or "_SLAVE," so the originals shouldn't be too hard to find. Any existing recolors of the previously recolorable "againstwall" mesh should still work. As with virtually everything, my policy is "distribute at will," but please respect Sandy's terms and credit her.

Credit also goes to Goat for the wood textures (I think the wooden uke bodies are Sergeant and the fretboards are Biloxi). HugeLunatic's "Making Objects Recolorable" tutorial was helpful in diagnosing and fixing the recoloring problem. JWood's 2005 tutorial on the repository technique proved easier for me to follow than any other on the subject. 

Date: 2013-05-12 09:12 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] angel77
These are great! Thank you for sharing :)


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