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Old Hat: lorna cloches
I made these ages ago and shared pics on my Tumblr and GOS but never did anything with them messed up all the binning and corrupted  some files and ignoring them was easier than dealing with it.  Then yesterday the very cool, worthwhile TS2 History tumblr picked up on them, so I fixed them up. 

There are a few changes from the originals I posted: the blue hat now has a black flower instead of a red one, and the brown and green hat now has the red flower instead of the yellow one. They're all binned and available for child through elder, but the greys aren't consistently attached to any particular color. The hair texture is derived from lidiqnata's original (and you'll need the mesh from there if you don't already have it). 


Nov. 17th, 2012 12:55 am
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I make stuff for The Sims 2 but I'm horrible about sharing my creations. This is my attempt to rectify that.

My game is centered around Arbordale, originally a late Victorian neighborhood that I started when I got the game in 2004. In the intervening years, between 5 computers and after one tragic but educational BFBVFS, Arbordale has lurched forward in time to the end of 1926. In just the last few months, I finally got a computer with a supported graphics card and went wild getting my simming shit together. After running TS2+UNI+NL for the better part of a decade, I upgraded to OFB+Pets and just recently installed Seasons and BV.

And I love simming again.

It's pretty nice, actually.


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