Apr. 26th, 2013

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I haven't posted in a while, obviously. Still, I've been doing stuff. In February I was paired with Imalia for GOS's "Blind Date" event and made her some stuff. (In turn, she made me some lovely goodies.)

Then I did some menswear for the March theme.
Fact: I made this the night Jarome Iginla got traded and each guy in the tester family received one of his middle names.

April's theme was 1920s, which is great for me. I finished a bunch of new dresses I had already been working on and dug up an Egyptian photo booth recolor. I have more to post for that, but not all of it's ready: it requires enabling recolors (and maybe slaving) some objects, and adding some bump maps that's done!, and cleaning up some things that were OK for my own use but just too sloppy to share. If they're not ready before the end of the month, I'll put them here. Then I need to sort out the default replacements I've made. And there are a lot of those, more than 30. Some are new meshes. 

So. That takes care of that. I want to put more stuff here but never seem to find time. Feel free to nag me about it. :) Even excepting the CC sitting around I have a bunch of photos of my faithful old '20s neighborhood I want to post. Here's a tease for that:


lolabythebay: Myrtle Brown, from my game (Default)

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